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Classic Lashes  $130

50/60 lashes per eye. 

Classic lashes are either faux mink or silk single lashes. Our Lash experts will help you choose the correct length, thickness and curl before applying them one by one on your own lashes to give you the gorgeous look you desire.


Up to 3 weeks $75

4 weeks or extended refill $80 - unless our lash technician says you'll need a full set

Hybrid Lashes $170

Perfect lashes if you want something not too natural but not too dramatic! A mix of single and handmade fans placed gently and carefully on your own lashes. 


2 - 3 weeks $80

Volume Lashes $200

At least 200 lashes per eye.

For the ultimate head-turning flutter, our volume eyelash extensions are the perfect choice. We’ll apply hand made fans to each of your individual lashes, giving you a full voluminous look without the extra weight on your eyes. 


2 weeks $88

3 weeks $98

Over 3 weeks $100 - unless our lash technician says you'll need a full set


Threading $25

Tinting $15

Lash Tint $25

Face Threading 

Sides $15

Upper lip $15

Neck $10

Chin $5

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