Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our classic eyelash extensions can be as dramatic or natural as you like. Our lash experts will help you choose the correct length, thickness and curl before applying high quality lashes, one by one, to give you the gorgeous look you desire.

Classic:  50 Lashes per Eye for a Natural Look  - $100

Winged: 65 Lashes per Eye for a Fanned Look  -  $160

Glam: 80 Lashes per Eye for a Fuller Look  -  $200

Refills for these lashes can be assembled for $60 up-to 3 weeks after your treatment.


Volume Eyelash Extensions


For the ultimate head-turning flutter, our volume eyelash extensions are the perfect choice. We’ll apply between 2 and 7 extra fine mink lashes to each individual lash giving you a full voluminous look without the extra weight on your eyes.

At least 200 Lashes per Eye  -  $200

Refills for volume lashes can be assembled for $85 up-to 3 weeks after your treatment.


Threading is a gentle alternative to plucking and waxing that can even be carried out on the most sensitive parts of your body. The extra-fine precision of this process results in neat, perfectly sculpted eyebrows, whether straight, arched or curved, every time. It can also be used to eliminate unwanted hair from any other part of your face.

Eyebrow shaping  -  $15

Side of face and neck  -  $12

Lip and chin  -  $10

Forehead  -  $5

Full face  -  $55 (Save $9)


Tinting your eyebrows or eyelashes can help enhance their colour and create the illusion of fullness and thickness. We’ll help you create a custom shade that will complement your skin tone and hair colour beautifully. Whether you’re looking for dark red, ash blonde or chocolate brown, with our expert help, you can find your own perfect tint.


Eyebrow tint  -  $10

Eyelash tint  -  $15

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