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  • Why Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?
    Eyelash extensions can be used to help create the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes and last for up to 6 weeks at time. One of the best things about lash extensions is that you’ll wake up with gorgeous eyelashes every morning, without needing to apply mascara. Each eyelash extension is individually placed onto each eyelash giving you a much more natural finish when compared to traditional false lashes. Our lash experts will work with you to help create a fabulous flutter that’s completely tailored to you.
  • How Long Will my Eyelash Extensions Last?
    Your eyelash extensions should last between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on how often your eyelashes naturally fall out. Most of us lose between 1 and 4 eyelashes per day so we recommend getting new refills at least every 3 weeks. Here at Bliss Lashes, we offer a lash refill service. Visit us up-to 3 weeks after your appointment and we’ll replenish any lost lashes at a reduced price.
  • Will Eyelash Extensions Damage my Natural Lashes?
    When you visit a professional and experienced lash specialist, eyelash extensions will do absolutely no damage to your natural eyelashes. Lash damage only happens when you visit a substandard salon with poorly trained technicians. Here at Bliss Lashes, our Melbourne eyelash specialists have years of experience in their field, meaning you can rest assured that your natural lashes won’t be harmed.
  • What’s the Difference between False Lashes and Eyelash Extensions?
    False lashes are applied to the lash line in a strip whereas lash extensions are individually attached to each eye lash. Because of this, lash extensions are much more lightweight and natural looking.
  • How Long does the Procedure Take?
    Depending on how many lashes you want applied, the treatment will take between 1 and 2.5 hours. During this time, feel free to lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the bliss and tranquillity of this procedure.
  • How do I Care for my Eyelash Extensions?
    It’s important to take good care of your eyelashes as this will directly affect how long they last for. As soon as you get your lashes, be sure not to get them wet for 24 hours and avoid extreme humidity for 48 hours. After this initial after-care process, you should avoid the following: curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler applying mascara using oil-based cleansers around the eye area playing with your eyelashes. To keep your eyelashes clean, it’s recommended to use a specialist eyelash shampoo.
  • What is Threading?
    Threading works by catching unwanted hairs in a thin piece of string to pull them out at root level. It’s a quick and meticulous method of hair removal that’s gentle enough to use on sensitive parts of the body. After having your eyebrows threaded, you can enjoy gorgeous brows with sharp definition. It’s also possible to eliminate unwanted hairs from any other part of your face using threading, too.
  • Does Threading Hurt?
    The amount of discomfort you experience during threading all comes down to your own pain threshold. However, in comparison to waxing, most people feel agree it hurts less since threading doesn’t pull at the skin. Our highly skilled staff will make sure you feel comfortable all the way through the procedure, from start to finish. To help reduce redness afterwards, we’ll apply an aloe vera gel that’ll soothe any post-treatment pain.
  • What is Tinting?
    Tinting is the process of adding colour to the eyebrow or eyelash area. If your hair is very light, you might want to have your brows or eyelashes tinted to give them more presence. However, brunettes can benefit from tinting too since it can create the illusion of thicker, fuller eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • How Long Does the Tint Last?
    Typically, your tint should last between 3 to 4 weeks, but this can vary from person to person.
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